Mortgage commitment fee, this is the minimum fee for mortgages applications and must be paid before we start work on your mortgage. The balance of all fees and charges are payable on completion.

We recommend that you start this process around 12 weeks before starting to make offers on property.

Mortgage1 Professional service fees

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295,00 €Preis
  • Cancellation.
    All Orders are accepted by cub international on payment of this invoice, and, are only subject to cancellation by the client.
    Upon such cancellation and consent, We shall cease work and hold for the client all completed and partially completed articles and works in progress and the client shall pay cub international for all work and materials that have been committed to and/or identified to the clients order plus a cancellation charge as prescribed by us to cover additional 3rd party expenses. subject to a maximum of 50% of the minimum fee.


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